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Zainab Arslan
Hijab is a word in Arabic and veil Persian which has almost the same meaning. Hiding a woman from a non-male is called a hijab. The veil or hijab is the original embellishment of a Muslim woman, for which veil, veil, and veil. The burqa is also used. There was no such thing as a veil or veil.
The people of Greek Iranian society were knowledgeable of their own civilizations and needs, with no veil or hijab, no concept of law, but after Islam came to the proper orders regarding the civilization and the foundations of the Muslims. The word Hijab has been used seven times in the Holy Quran while death in a hadith has also been declared a hijab.

In Western countries, women’s rights are widely supported. In addition to women’s rights, women’s freedom is talked about. Well, women’s freedom is the right that they should get so that they can do everything without restriction. Our religion has the right to live freely as it pleases, but that does not mean that it is licensed to spread liberty and pornography in the guise of a liberal society, like the Mother of the West.

Before Islam, who knew what was the status of a woman? Remember that the religion which gives honor, honor, and status to a woman is Islam and only Islam. There are four forms of a woman when she has a daughter in the house. When it is born, it brings with it the special blessings of Allah. Allah is pleased with the young man who nourishes his daughter well. Nature has filled a woman with a rich coat.

This priceless material like this shameful revelation is essential for the pack to protect its wealth and to hide its precious resources, and the veil is the only thing that can protect it from the evil eye. The source is but protects it from the evil of the devil. Seemingly, innocence is the biggest enemy of a woman. She does not have the zeal to show her innocence in the markets without leaving her veil. Getting out is not something to be proud of is stupidity and ruthlessness, which is causing a lot of mischiefs.

At present, the western women of ours have begun to call the curtains inhabited. When the burqa is over, the practice of dipping is gradually ending, which also hides the head and neck of a woman. While it is necessary for a Muslim woman not to even see a single hair on her head. There was a dupatta who also hid a kidney with a woman’s head.

It is also a fact that our electric media has also played a major role in eliminating the notion of curtains for women to watch any channel whose programs will appear less than twice the cost per head of a host and a playwright. During the rule of Zia-ul-Haq, it was strictly banned so that no woman could be seen naked on TV. In other countries, the hijab is not seen well and hated by women who wear hijab. Seen from the eyes.

In their view, the hijab is a woman’s freedom. Strange arguments are offered. Possessing the Muslim world in the name of development and purification, and hijacking a woman in the name of progress, has always been the influence of evil forces. The target has been the devil’s first trick, which he took to remove a man from the straight path of nature, and today his followers are doing day and night to promote this same Satanism.

On the one hand, the freedom of the woman is beaten in these countries. On the other hand, different restrictions are imposed if the woman voluntarily performs the hijab.

Sometimes they are barred from entering the educational institutions, they are never given jobs in the enterprises. They are also harassed in different ways. Is it freedom that a woman hates a nurse and wants to cover her body? If so, there is no hindrance to his desire to crush it.

Not only are hijab women liberated in every way and obstacles are laid in their step by step, but they are also subjected to torture. On the contrary, a Christian “nin” follows his religion. If a woman wearing a hijab is free to wear a headscarf, why not give this freedom to a Muslim woman who is wearing a hijab. If a Christian woman is not asked to wear a scarf, why is she persuaded to wear a hijab?

Similarly, according to data released in Germany and Spain, extremist attacks on Muslim women in both countries will intensify. On a moving train, a group poured alcohol on a Muslim woman when the woman protested. Have you been wronged so many people on the train but no one helped the woman, the Muslim women wearing veil and hijab are being targeted under the guise of religion.

Surprisingly, in these countries where Muslim women live, the same men live, but the violence is targeted at women. Islam is far more rapid than the prevalence of oppression in Western countries. Hijab is becoming increasingly popular among Muslim women as well as non-Muslim women. Whether they use it as a fashion or not.

Keeping in view the growing trend against the hijab in Western countries, the Association of Britons of the British Muslims organized the hijab in London on a global scale to make the world believe that Muslim women are wearing hijab. Not because of any repression, but because they are free to follow the rules of Islam on their own, which was attended by delegates from 14 countries around the world on July 12.

At the same conference, it was decided that every year would be celebrated as a hijab on September 4. In Denmark, it was dealt with a scarf that contested the beauty of the scarf, transforming a religious symbol into a fashion statement. Attempting to deprive her of her sanctity, this situation is astonishing and she does not understand why the western people are so afraid of hijab.

The number of Muslims in France is the highest in Europe-based Muslims, the majority of French Muslims are not only immigrants but also legal. In 1982, a law allowed Muslims to register their organizations and institutions. A number of Muslim institutions are conducting educational ‘cultural’ academic and training activities French Muslims wholeheartedly participated in the construction of France and respected its laws French secular laws guaranteed freedom of religion to every citizen. Is.

Occasionally, if an individual or institution wanted to relinquish the independence of a Muslim French, the high-level government officials themselves intervened and removed the obstacles.
In 1989 and again in 1992, when certain Talibars were banned from the hijab, the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, the State Council, ruled that “the practice of religion does not conflict with the secular system of the state.” The committee, chaired by Minister Bernardetza, has banned the hijab in all public educational institutions, saying that we cannot allow any religious symbol to enter the seminaries.

In this way, the hijab of the Muslim students, the mark of the cross of Christians and the short cap of the Jews are forbidden in the educational institutions. Allah, who has kept the woman rich with shame, has protected herself from this precious influence. Freedom is not the purpose of promoting femininity. It is very important not to get trapped in the trap of Modernism and not to jeopardize their Islamic values. They survive.

Spring of 2019 handbags

Rare manifestation
Fashion and trend change with time and every age has seen the changing colors of fashion. People are acquainted with new trends and every round of fashion has exposed people to a unique style. Bags have always been the focus of women’s attention. At one time, they used to match the colors of the clothes and at some point, their textures gained fame.
Handbags are as popular today as they were in the past. The secret of the evergreen popularity of handbags lies in the use of their daily necessities. In the same way.
Nowadays, trends, trends, styles, designs, textures, and styling bags are trending.

But it is best to choose them with gravity so that the personality does not have a bad effect.
This year there is a high trend of Printed and Patterned Bags among young girls. These bags with different color prints reflect the laughter of children. Equally popular. Clothing bags are as popular today as they were yesterday.
If floor liners are more preferred than other designs on cloth bags. Mention the texture, the use of mini backpacks seems to be on the rise. These leather-made bags are smaller in size. And are designed in a way that looks appealing. Miniclip packers are often labeled as young, which is also somewhat accurate.
Pink has always been a favorite of the girls among the colors. Besides, there is a trend of turquoise, purple, lemon yellow, and other similar colors. Bags are also particularly popular among girls. These bags, made of shuffle plastic, often include another pouch. These double-layer bags are unique and stylish from other types.

At one time, girls preferred to carry hobby-colored bags, this year is more inclined towards pastel colors. Pastel colors make women’s personalities somber and give a sense of freshness. In addition to pastel colors, monochrome scheme and collars are popular individually.
Whether pastel or mono-chrome, the bags for young girls have been recited and look beautiful. This year, these body bags are also becoming a part of women’s selection. But this body bag is actually Shoulder bags are of the same type, just the style of carrying them is different. As the name implies, the body bag is strapped to one shoulder and leaned forward towards the other.
Crass body and shoulder bags are known to be more sensual than simple skulls. For the last few years, the crafted craftsmanship has been attractive to girls but has now become unattractive. When you go for women, you get to see the reputation of totes and box handbags. Women are more likely to prefer broken bags rather than bulky shoulder bags.
The size of the handbags also varies according to the needs of the ladies. As per the requirement, this accessories section of the embroidery sometimes takes the form of mini duffle bags, sometimes buckle bags, sometimes goat bags. (Bucket bags) sometimes appear in the form of Snap Clasp bags. For the ladies, the bags are in the dark color fashion.
The bags, in whatever shape they are, are seen by women at every opportunity and are worn with them at every good and bad time.
Handbags are chosen according to the occasion as different types and styles of bags are made for different events and occasions.
Carelessness can give your look and impression a false impression to the public. The trend has changed many times over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the popularity of clutches.

Whether it’s an Eid festival, an occasion, or a wedding, clutches have always been an integral part of women’s embellishments. These handbags are known to hold hands. On the occasion of the wedding, the clutches are made of beads and other jewelry and are decorated with different types of silk threads. In these ceremonies metallic, metallic colors are still taking places, such as gold, silver, and silver. ), Copper, gray and the favorite Spring Mono crochet scheme with them.

Clutches and Long Shoulder Bags are equally popular for women on Eid’s happy occasion. Eid semi-formal bags are made that are beautifully decorated with pearls, pearls, stones, artificial flowers, studs. A few years ago, bags were used for matching clothes, but now it is customary to contrast the colors with the colors of the favorite dresses.

The style of handbags captures the personality. After choosing the right handbags, the opportunity to carry them comes with a style or style of style. The one who was shy and had the bags in one hand is the one to blame professionally.Buyers’ likes and dislikes are very important to the buyer of handbags. Handbags trends are changing every year, unique and awesome style bags appear in the market every year so would advise not to buy more expensive bags. The anticipated trends are expected to change completely. It would not be wrong to say that women’s makeup without handbags is incomplete.

Being a mother is a blessing.

Being a mother is definitely a great blessing. It is a great responsibility as well. This responsibility starts from the day the creative process begins in the woman. In the process of becoming a woman there are many things One has to take care of her own. One of these is her own diet. Not only is it important to have enough food during pregnancy but it is also important that whatever is eaten will meet the nutritional requirements of the pregnant woman. Yes.What a pregnant woman eats has a direct effect on the baby growing up in her body. To achieve all the nutrients it is important to eat a balanced diet. Depends, too, so he or she must take a very responsible attitude toward the future child.

The baby who develops within the mother needs a fair amount of protein because nutrition is the basic requirement for the formation of cells, blood formation, bone growth, the supply of bodily fluids and the complete formation of hormones. Are very important for the physiological construction of the fluid and for the desired fluid and for improving the cellular activities.

Vitamins also play an important role in the development of vital organs within the mother’s uterus. For the development of the physiological organs of Feotus.
Vitamins are also important nutrients – vitamins B12, B6, A and folic acid – accelerate the body’s ability to nourish the baby in the body of a pregnant woman. If you have a TB disease or any other contagious disease, it should be done with caution so that the life it produces in the body can be healthy.

It is also important to note that the amount of blood in the pregnant woman’s body is one third higher than the normal woman’s blood volume. In addition, during pregnancy, amniotic fluid, intercellular and extracellular. Extra cellular fluid builds up and also benefits the baby as it reaches all of them. During this time, changes in the enzymes, especially in the production of acid and papain, are reduced. Affects the digestive system of the pregnant woman, causing the pregnant woman to feel chest irritation and causing a slow reaction in the intestinal tract. Or thanks can also cause the condition.

Pregnant woman needs a lot of peace of mind and body comfort because during pregnancy, the internal organs such as the heart and kidneys have to work more. The heartbeats are faster. The heart consumes more blood. In the meantime, if the kidney is not doing the right thing, it can cause the pregnant woman’s body to swell up, called Oedema.
The swelling needs to be treated immediately so that it does not affect the baby. Pregnant weight gain increases from 10 to 12 kg on average, which is a sign of recovery. Likewise a healthy infant carries about 300 milliliters of blood while 500 grams of protein. , Calcium 30 grams, phosphorus fifteen and iron (iron) 300 to 400 grams. The blood volume is 3.1 grams and the volume of the testes increases 1.5.
All of this has a positive effect on the developing baby. If pregnant women lose weight or lose weight, their baby will lose weight too. But it should be kept in mind that if in the second or third trimester. There are many complications that can occur if the weight of the pregnancy is very high. Therefore, the pregnant should undergo a medical checkup.
Use of unnecessary drugsDuring pregnancy every diet has an effect on pregnant women and indirect abdominal births.
Before eating anything you must think once that this diet will not be harmful to your baby. If you are using any medication or tonic before pregnancy, you must inform your doctor about it. Avoid the use of drugs. Instead of medicating your body, try to supplement your diet.

Organize yourself
Pregnant women need to avoid unnecessary tasks.
Take special care of pregnancy. Eating and getting enough sleep are important for health. Work women should not forget to rest at work. Prepare a list of daily affairs and take care of these unnecessary or low priority tasks. Get off the list. It’s time to be calm and relaxed. Forget about luncheons, shopping and parties. Get to bed early and get up early in the morning.
Do not become lazy and relaxed, but stay away from tasks that are time and money.Constipation
Constipation is also called root of diseases. For the common man, constipation can be a result of soothing spirit. If a pregnant person suffers from constipation, look for suds immediately. Also use fresh fruit juice, garlic and milk.
Choose bran foods, add green vegetables to the menu Daily use of spaghetti is essential to prevent constipation. Mix a tablespoon of spaghetti in a glass of water and drink it twice a day if constipation becomes severe. So notify your doctor right away.
Avoid Depression

During pregnancy depression or any kind of tension should not wander too close to pregnant.
Keep yourself free from all kinds of stress. Try to find solutions to the problems in life. Keep your motivation. Try to keep yourself free from all kinds of mental and emotional stress for better health and better mental development.

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