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Coaching and household guidelines Nowadays kids are fond of eating steak, so I make a steak at home. The only problem is that the steak shrinks and stays firm after cooking. Can it be made soft like a market steak?
Mahin Khan – Kotri

Coaching and household guidelines Yes, for this purpose, take the meat pellets you use for the steak with the help of a pound. A pounder is a hammer-shaped tool that is readily available at coking goods stores and if It is possible to do this with the help of a rolling wood roller with no powder available. The method is to take a clean muslin cloth and rinse it in white vinegar. Now spread it and place the meat on it. And cover the cloth with the same napkin. Now, with the help of a roller, gently coat the texture lightly, then change it into a wrap. You could easily who’s being together as like components of the roller from the stack can be reversed if and when the Cook myrynyt.
The steak will be soft and its meat will be safe from shrinking.
Potato bursts burst and the potatoes come out during the frying pan and burn on the grill. What should I do?
Anubrien Bajwa – Hyderabad

Coaching and household guidelines To make the filling, cut the potato peel into a form of sour cream, and then boil, usually. Potatoes are made in it and fillings made with preserved potatoes are also very sticky.
That is, make the filling exactly the same as a paste.
The other reason may be that the antennas of the body are dilated or the weight of the hands is high on the roller during the roll. Make two bowls for the straw. Each bull has the same size as the ready flame. Now apply a thin layer of potato stuffing on one of the rolls. Let the edges remain empty and soak them in water. With the help of a little water, apply a second straw, gently pressing the edges so that the two layers of the chute are smooth. It does not need to be rolled over. Lightly squeezed crystals will be very neat and ready to be filled with fine potatoes.

I make chicken frying pan in a non-stick pan, but it also sticks to the spices. It is difficult to wash because hardened junk sticks cannot be used for washing.
Rukhsana Shaikh – Sukkur
After use, sprinkle hot water in your non-stick frying pan after 15-20 minutes. With the help of a sponge, all the spices stuck in the frying pan will be gently softened and now the usual frying pan in a standard liquid dish wash and Wash and dry with the help of a sponge.
It will definitely take time to soak but your frying pan will not spoil. There are fine particles in the pot washing bar which cause very mild scratches on the surface of non-stick vessels and The food begins to cling to them as these dishes quickly decay and have to be wasted. There is no risk of using liquid dishwasher and sponge.

I make a simple cake at home which is very fond of evening tea. It has to separate the egg whites and apricots. What happens is often the egg is broken into the bowl and spread into white. Why this happens and what is the solution.
Shakeela is the only one
If the egg is old or damaged, its white will be found in white.
So use fresh eggs and the simplest way to separate the egg yolks and whites are to keep the eggs in the refrigerator overnight and then crack the eggs in a bowl so the liquid is firm and you can easily separate it from the white. There is one thing that needs to be taken care of, and that is that the cake with the refrigerated eggs does not work well.
Therefore, after separating the freeze and whiteness of the eggs laid in the refrigerator, wait so long that their temperature is at room temperature, ie cold eggs do not use immediately.
I have several mini plant lumps but in some of these lumps the roots of the mini plant have fallen and the bulls have started to die.
Abida Ghafoor-Mirpur Khas
This often happens in rugged plants and the reason for this is to give excessive water to the rhinoceros when their soil is dry and not all but one and a half inches below the upper surface. Provide water when done, and make sure that the drainage holes for the drainage in the rug are not closed because, over time, a little bit of soil will flow down and close it. Water accumulates in the fungus, which causes the roots of the plants to melt and the plant to die, so the plants are removed from the fungus and drained to the funnel holes. Apply and re-plant the plant.

When the soil of the plants has dried at least once a month, make a muddy dough with a pointed object. Be careful not to knead it too deeply, but it will be an inch or a half-inch above the upper surface of the rind. And then water the plants the next day so that the unnecessary herbs are destroyed and the roots get fresh air and yes, it is common practice that the mini plant should give more water.
However, its leaves should be sprayed with water daily, but even if lightly sprayed two to three times in the summer, it is fine but does not add too much water to the soil.
I put a pickle of turnip into the water which is not bitter. What do I do for it?
Coaching and household guidelines Nebula Mukhtar – Tendojam
To add turnip, there are some things to take care of, peel the slices and cut the slices, then wash them in warm water and allow them to dry thoroughly in a tray or dish.

Then add the spices and allow them to dry for a few days. When the spices turn dry, the aroma of the pickles will start to boil. At this point, add a little dollop sugar, boil water and then cool. Add the pickle. Your pickle, as it is ready, then cook a little jaggery in water and mix it and use it after a meal.
One quart spoonful of half a liter of water is enough to have a quota.
Nowadays garlic mattresses deteriorate very quickly, they become very wormwood. How to preserve garlic.
Habiba Mushtaq – Faisalabad
Yes, you have to say that sometimes the garlic will disappear quickly, the only solution is not to buy too many garlic at one time, and if it is compulsory, then peel all the garlic in a blender with a little water, salt, and cooking oil. Grind the mixture in the ice cube tray and transfer these cubes of garlic to an airtight jar and place it in the freezer.
Garlic will not be wasted, and you will be comfortable while cooking.
What is the correct way to freeze pea grains?
Naheed Baloch – Multan
Nowadays kids are fond of eating steak, so I make a steak at home. To freeze the peas grains, wash them thoroughly and sprinkle salt and white vinegar on them. One teaspoon of salt, 1/4 teaspoon salt and one teaspoon of white vinegar will be sufficient. Now mix well After doing this, put them in the air for a while and then freeze the packets.

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