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Amna Ashfaq – Kotri
Your question is difficult to guess what kind of hack is, so first find out the reason why something has been kept in the refrigerator for a long time. If so, remove it immediately from the refrigerator. It would be better to take some time out and empty the entire refrigerator so that you will know what is in the refrigerator and if anything has been kept in the refrigerator for a long time and is now usable. If not, destroy it.

Before doing all this, turn off the refrigerator, ie after closing the power switch, completely separate the refrigerator plug from the socket. One by one, separate the refrigerator nets, the racks, then the drawers and the shelf in the door. After washing them with a liquid dishwashing and sponge, wipe them with a soft cloth and dry.

Similarly, the interior of the refrigerator will have to be cleaned. For this, only use sponge and liquid dishwashers, but since the refrigerator is not washed with open water, soak a small towel in clean water and wipe the dishwasher with it. Wipe and repeat the process so that you are sure the dishwasher is completely cleaned.

After drying well, spread the sweet soda in a small plate and place it in the middle or lower rack of the refrigerator. Plug the fridge on and use it as usual. Let the plate remain in the refrigerator until all the hacks have been removed. And if you want to keep it in the refrigerator permanently after a week or fifteen days, changing the soda is even better.

The eggs used to make the cake can be removed even after the hack has been baked. How can the egg be removed to make the cake?
Saima Ghiyas – Hyderabad
This situation can be encountered if too many old eggs are used. Although it is common to imagine that the old eggs make the cake good, it does not mean that the eggs are used near spoilage or worse. By the way, these things are outdated today. In most homes today, especially women who are baking, they have electric batteries that are not too expensive, with just a few seconds the cake will be fine. And if you make a pound cake, it has the same amount of flour, butter, and eggs and to prepare the mixture. The battery also does not require so make cakes with fresh eggs that is also required hygiene standard that the vanilla essence and then be used to hack to remove the eggs or honey.
Add a teaspoon of honey to the mixture prepared with six strands and if the white whites are separated, add a quarter of a teaspoon of white vinegar when frying the whites, or white or more foamy. And the egg hack will go away too.
The apricots they used to eat had a special aroma that does not happen nowadays. Just like how sweet rice is, the traditional flavor and aroma of apricot can be brought into it.

Painful Job 1 Sukkur
You get the attention that the quality of apricots is actually changing somewhat. Except for certain places, apricots are just the name of sweet rice, although if you try a little, the traditional flavor and aromatic apricot are ready. You can choose its high-quality real salad rice and soak it in plain water for at least two hours before baking and after holding the yogurt, keep it on the tail for half a cup of rice. Combine two tablespoons of lemon or kinoca juice in the milk and add the crab over the top. Remove any such solution sprinkled on the surface of zrdy and keep on the tail.
Then see how the aromas and flavors of apricots turn out. Other accessories include lost, colored squares, cooker veggies, almonds, pistachios, raisins and coconut that can be added to customization, but also make simple apricots as mentioned above. The recipe will be very nice.
Our brothers wear jeans and I wash them in the washing machine. Often, the jeans are not cleaned and I suffer from embarrassment. I also tried changing the detergent but to no avail.

Meliha Shams – Tandwalhariar
Soak the jeans in plain water before washing. After half an hour, drain, drain and then pour into the washing machine. In addition to the water and detergent, add a single aspirin pill to the washing machine and wash the jeans as usual. And all the dirt and messes contained in the fibers of the dried jeans will be cleansed and you will not have to do any extra work in this regard, nor will you have to suffer any embarrassment. Not only for washing, but also for thick sheets, slices, and machine washable fabrics.

I planted turmeric at home for almost a year. I got a little turmeric. Tell me how to make it powder.
Madiya Bukhari – Multan
Wash and dry fresh turmeric, then peel and cut slices and dry them thoroughly, then grind. This powder will not be too fine but turmeric will be added to add to the salads.
It is best to make small amounts of fresh turmeric powder at home level as it takes too little time and does not have to be hard.
I wash the washing machine at home. Sometimes it happens that the towels get stiff after drying.
Aisha Tabassam Sahiwal
Thank you so much for the honor, your question is that if you have any clothes or other clothes to wash them in warm water, instead of washing them in plain water and even hot water to dissolve them. Using plain water, called cold or plain water, has several advantages over laundry. Above all, the stains of the clothes become more thoroughly cleaned and the age of the clothes also increases. The most important thing is to restore the softness of the clothes, white vinegar that is present in every house and if not Arizona is very important.
Before drying the washed cloth, mix the white vinegar in a medium-sized bucket in a medium-sized bucket before drying. Now, wash the washed cloth vinegar for at least ten to 15 minutes in water and then soften. Squeeze them together and let it dry or other clothes will soften.
Mike used to clean the outside of the woohooven, but inside, where heated the food, etc., the part was not cleaned properly and there was no dishwasher or any detergent.

Our Beloved – Lahore
There is no need to worry about this because cleaning the part of the microwave where the food is heated is not as difficult as it seems to disconnect the power before cleaning, ie the plug from the socket. Remove and rinse the exterior as you have said, easily put the plugin a double socket and place on a microwave plate in a medium-sized cup that is used to heat the microscope. It can be mixed with half a cup of water and half a cup of white vinegar for ten to fifteen seconds. Do not open the oven door immediately after the scheduled time has elapsed, but after five to ten seconds, turn off the open switch and clean the oven with a small clean cloth once the top is needed. Repeat the procedure provided the oven will be completely clean.

Suggest are very quickly killed by insects.
Master Tariq – Rawalpindi
Soak the semolina in a thin gauge or coarse pan on a light flame. When the aroma of semolina starts to spread, immediately turn off the stove and pour the roasted semolina into a tray or spread pot. Suji was roasted for as long as it was warm. The Saudi temperature will continue to rise and the semolina will burn. After cooling it in the tray or dish, let it cool and then store in an airtight jar and keep in the refrigerator.

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