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Daughters are flowers

Daughters are flowers

Daughters are flowers
Rachel Mughal
Positive thinking knows what to say when thinking about something that the young person has left. And negative thinking is thinking about something that has been lost. Our problem is that we are accustomed to thinking about it. We are lost. And in the midst of all this we also forget about what we have in our hands.

Do you know what it is like to have positive thoughts even in bad situations? Humans have the power to survey in bad situations. And that power teaches man to fight in life, to move forward. Thinking is what drives humans to move forward, to do something. Human beings can make their place in this world only with positive thinking.

Positive thinking creates positive spheres within the human being. And the positive aspects are to know what happens. When a person does good deeds, he makes it easier for people to stop greed for change. A person with a positive mind never loses control of the situation.
Today in this article we will tell our women about staying in-laws, successful with positive thinking.

We realize that the time of your life that you have the right to be your husband, children and in-laws are sacrificed. Despite giving them all the precious moments of their lives, they are not sure that a great-in-law The heart of the people will win. Then one will feel the loss. In this case, if there is a continuous conflict, it will have a very negative impact on health as depression and depression are the conditions at which happiness becomes possible. Is.

This is the period when humans may suffer from psychological confusion which, if not addressed immediately, causes mental illness and physical ailments.
Thus, in our society after marriage, women face many difficulties in harmonizing with new people and the environment and strengthening their relationship with them, but some issues are also very sensitive and painful.

It can be very painful and painful for a woman, especially if a husband or mother-in-law is not abusive and barbaric or having no children or having no son. If you are a mother to your daughter, think that being depressed with life, will be able to make your children happy by being sad, have you ever thought that your negative thoughts of all time would be on your daughters too? What can be the effect?
Instead of being disappointed, give thanks.

You would think that what would have happened if the power had not even given you a son? That thought would create a new power, a new urge inside you. If you feel a change in yourself, then look at these little daughters. Who are waiting for you to take a look. Because they have the right not only to give birth but also to have good nutrition, a sense of security and above all, love.

So how can you imagine any kind of deficiency while having such a great responsibility? Why do you want to influence your own weaknesses or weaknesses in your daughters? One of the biggest obstacles in the way is the opportunity to express your frustration and disappointment in giving others valuable and unnecessary advice in this regard.
After that, suffering and persistent distress becomes your destiny. If you do not find a son, spend your whole life in a diligent manner and self-pity? If you are the “culprit” for not having a son. You will not take advantage of the low wit, intelligence, misunderstanding and opportunism that surrounds you. Do you not allow them to be sarcastic and manipulated by words?

With negative thoughts, you are presenting yourself as a lost player in the field of life, but think of the little fairies in your yard.
What lessons are you giving them in this way? If not one of them has a son in his lap, should he also consider himself guilty and go away from all happiness and relationships?
Don’t tell every story, true and real life. You don’t have to be so affected by people’s words that you become a mentally ill person. If you don’t have a son, you suffer from depression and mental stress. If you are in the ward, who will be responsible for the upbringing of your children, how household affairs will be handled.

Will the husband be able to take care of you with the office, business and other tasks, as well as take care of your children?
Do you want to be in a corner of the house, your children also want to stay away from you and your unnecessary thinking and stress can ruin the home system?
You have to decide how you want to live your life.

Remember you will simplify your own life. It will not be possible for someone to decorate their services and present to you, nor will anyone be present for your heart at all times, at all times. Sometimes we need to explain ourselves more than twice. And if you are standing at such a crossroads, think for yourself. It is not easy to ignore people’s sayings, attitudes and gimmicks, nor can you make such things laugh, but such a normal life. Don’t let it affect you.

Allow your mind to become a kind of stressor in which the behavior of others, the behavior, the words you are quoted, their thinking keeps on thinking. After others, you have to think negatively about your self and your affairs. Demonstrating the required sensitivity can also destroy you.

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