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Decoration of the house according to the tastes of the family and the logarithm of the house

Noor Fatima – Lahore College
Flowers of different colors all over the world ‘Where the hearts decorate with their beauty, there are nature’s colors’ Flowers of different colors around the world’ Where the decorations of hearts with their beauty are scattered. If a housewife is beautiful, she can decorate her home like a flower.
In ancient times, domestic women used to master crafts, sheets, pillows, and curtains, and their artists used magic. Some used to do hats and other work from Croatia, but now in today’s life of racing sunshine. Except for crafts, step by step with men is destroying progress.

Homegrown women can make the home a memorable place by utilizing focus and their abilities. It is not necessary to have a garden or floral garden for the sake of the concept but to make the home’s surplus and useless items, they can be a wonderful decoration and unique showpiece.
The home decorated with a clean thermostat reflects the high taste of the housewives. Women who want to make their home look decorative, look for the taste of their home and their home and decorate the house. First, select the drawing-room. This is a room that is used to entertain guests.
If the room is sophisticated and clean, the first impression will be on those coming from outside. Decide whether there are floor arrangements or sofas in the room.

If the walls of this room are white, cream or any light color, then darken the curtains of the room and choose the floor carpet accordingly. If the curtains are darker, then the carpet should also be darker.
If there is a darker color on the walls, choose light pink, blue or light color for the curtains and take care of the same in the carpet. If there are sofas in the room, select the color of the curtains according to the color of the sofa. If the sofas are darker, choose a light color for the curtains. If the sofa is lighter then take darker curtains with it. ۔
Rotate a medium-sized frame or two smaller sized frames on the wall.
Place a table in the middle of the room, but make sure the showpiece is tight at times for guests to have breakfast, etc. – A vase in which fresh or artificial flowers can be placed, decorate the table. Will give a good impression.

Keep a corner shelf or showcase in a corner to enhance the overall appearance of the room. Do not place excessive and unnecessary items in the dining room.
For bedrooms also select curtains to suit the color of furniture and walls. Dark curtains can be used in the bedroom and can be changed from time to time depending on the season and tastes.
If you want to have a water vial or indoor plants in the room, it will leave you feeling refreshed and refreshed. Feel free to feel tired and tired. Take special care of cleaning the room as it is actually clean. Do not store unnecessary items. The fewer items in the room, the easier it will be to clean.

Take special care of cleaning the kitchen, make it a habit to wash the dishes immediately after use so that the insects do not come into the kitchen, in which case many diseases can be prevented.
If you want to put water vial in a bottle or glass in the kitchen, the atmosphere will feel refreshed. When the surrounding environment is clean and refreshing, then we will feel the energy in ourselves. Keep the plants in the proper place, take care of them, that the plants are a refreshing feeling with the increase of the home’s appearance and also one of the best hobbies, the care of the plants.

Make sure that the soil plates underneath the plants that water will flow when pouring. Also, add a photo or painting frame to the wall in the TV lounge, so that it attracts the viewer and enhances the appearance of the house. Older home appliances can be made into a variety of items by using them in a variety of ways. Even if simple but clean, comfort is the key.

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