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Eid and decoration of the house

Eid and decoration By Nasreen Shaheen
On the occasion of Eid, women pay attention to the decoration and decoration of the house, as well as to make a good impression on the guests coming home on Eid. Many women have the artistic taste and every room of the house. Some women decorate the drawing-room only in the name of home decoration with valuable decorative items and think that they have decorated their home.
They overlook other parts of the house, which is a big mistake.
In addition to the drawing-room, bedroom, lounge and dining room, other parts of the house are also considered as part of the house which cannot be neglected in any way, as ignoring them affects the whole house. Such as balconies, stairs, and corners of the house.

Eid and decoration Focus on the drawing-room first in the decoration of the house. Wash rugs or vacuum thoroughly. Polishing furniture – Buy new curtains. If the summer is hot, remove the heavy curtains from the windows and doors and hang some light curtains, so that the air is passing through.
Clean the bedrooms and put clean sheets on the beds. Good bedrooms are the key to comfort and comfort.

Eid and decoration It is important to keep the table items in order with the dining room clean so that everything you need is there at mealtime and focus on the food. Focus on the lounge as well. The lounge is the part of the house that is used the most, the lighting should also be properly maintained.

Eid and decoration The balcony is the part of the home that is rarely noticed. It is used only for teaching clothes, although it can be used for many purposes by making it beautiful. Before working, decide what you need space for. The purpose is to keep the balcony open or closed. It is used for sitting, gardening, or household waste.
For those living in flats, a balcony is a place where the sky can be seen.

Eid and decoration If you have decided to keep the balcony open, make it a double task, ie for sitting and gardening too. It will not require any extra effort and will not require a great deal of energy. Take a few floral bouquets and a little round stone and prepare a small tablecloth in the balcony.
When the garden is ready, the balcony will also have greenery and the seating area will remain. If there is more room, put a couple of chairs or small benches. If there is not enough space left, lay a small mat or plastic on the floor. , which can be wrapped.

Eid and decoration Sit here with some of your friends or friends on Eid days and watch your balcony garden fill you up.
Of course, this is easier said than done, because the rugs also need to be given regular watering, fertilizer care, and sunshine, as well as daily chairs or mat cleaning, But just think of the joy and happiness that will come to you while you sit here. Visitors to the balcony will also feel happy.

If you do not want to turn the balcony into a garden and you have decided to add it to the room, you have two purposes. Change it to a room or add it to your living room. For the first purpose, The balcony must be wide. Set it up so that it closes, but keep some room open for fresh air. Now, place a bookcase on one side and use it for reading.

Not only is this quiet, bright and airy room great for reading, but also good for writing. For the second purpose, if you install sliding doors, you only have to open the door and thus it will automatically become part of your room. There is no need to make any changes and there is nothing to do on the walls. Opening the door will also open up the air and the airflow.

In addition, natural light will also be illuminated.
Xena is also a part of the house that is often overlooked, but you should not ignore it,
Especially if it is in the interior or in the living room. If the staircase is three feet or wider, you can also decorate them a bit, especially with wide space between the stairs. But be aware that there are no obstacles to moving or moving around.
You can also decorate a few tricks of artificial plants here.
You can place decorative items on the interior of the staircase, namely the left.

The best way is to hang decorative items from the railing. When climbing stairs or climbing stairs, the people or guests of the house should not even realize that these decorative items. They will not be able to keep their balance. These items will not hinder the climb.
Do not put any decorative items that need to be repeatedly brought down for cleaning or watering.

The easiest way to decorate a cottage is to put a few roses in there, but the natural plants are fresh, It is important to provide natural light and regular water, so be careful.
The bottom part of the saddle can also be carved.
Make it neat and place the ironing stand in a corner here and make it specific to the cloth to be ironed. It can also be used for reading. If there is a window nearby, it is good. Because there is no better artificial light or air than natural light and air. If there is no window, arrange the light properly.

Have a comfortable chair here and whenever you have the chance, sit down with your book and study with satisfaction.
You can also use the space below the stairs to do your homework for your children, and a computer can be placed with a small desk and chair. Set up a kid’s room for friends so they can all sit down and talk.
In this way, the words of the elders will not be interrupted. It is the responsibility of the men of the house along with the housewives to pay attention to the unimportant aspects of the house and use their creativity to make them beautiful. Launch it on the spot, it will be a reward for your hard work if the audience likes it.

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