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Homemade prescriptions for beauty

Homemade prescriptions for beauty Beautiful Face Soft Velvet Shaved Skin and Attractive Long Thick Black Hair is the natural desire of every woman. Whether it is ancient women or modern women. It is also a shelter, which she uses regularly to appease her skin and to appear for years. In ancient cultures, these ancient and useful manuscripts are breeding.

Homemade prescriptions for beauty Over time, their popularity and usage are gradually increasing.
The secret of the beauty of Japanese women:
Japanese women are famous around the world for their long, beautiful, soft skin and dark hair. Although Japan is one of the most developed countries, many Japanese women still maintain their beauty. Who resort to centuries-old manuscripts.
The use of green tea is common in Japanese women, which not only makes their skin clear, transparent and soft but is also considered best for a long and healthy life.

Homemade prescriptions for beauty Vitamin C is used to protect the skin of Japanese women. In Japan, Vitamin C is highly used in combination to achieve Vitamin C.
In addition, Japanese women often use Azuk, commonly called red bean, which is considered a good source of beauty.
Red bean paste rubs the face gently. This process keeps the face soft and moist and free of stains.
Japanese women prefer the use of Signature Oil, such as pure plants, dried fruits such as walnuts, seeds and fruit oils instead of any synthetic oils for their face.

Another secret to the beauty of Japanese women is Komenukarice Bran Rice straw. It helps eliminate wrinkles and dark circles in the skin. This prescription is best known for removing acne and exfoliating skin.
This recipe is called Japanese Women’s Common Sense, for which a spoon of rice is added to warm water and applied to the entire face and then gently rubbed and washed.
Secrets of the beauty of Italian women
Most Italian women use homemade prescriptions to keep their skin’s natural glow radiant. Italian women use yogurt and olive oil mixers as conditioners to keep their hair healthy and shiny.
The protein contained in yogurt has a very mild natural nutrition.
In a cup of plain yogurt, one teaspoon of olive oil is mixed with the wet hair, and after five minutes, wash the hair with cold water.
The secret of the beauty of French women
French women also use natural and inexpensive ways to make their skin attractive.
The cherry and pomegranate seeds are grilled and applied to the face like a mask and after about six minutes the mouth is washed.
The secret of the beauty of Russian women
Scrubs are popular among Russian women to maintain the beauty and softness of the skin. There is also a secret skin massage for women that helps keep the skin clear, soft and gentle.

Russian women rub their bodies with lots of scrubs, making the skin cells strong and looking attractive and attractive on the skin. Russian women use this prescription when taking a sauna, which is best for exfoliating the skin. Brick removes dead ingredients from the skin, making the skin look soft and refreshed. Nowadays, this recipe is becoming popular worldwide.

Egyptian … The secret of women’s beauty
Ancient Egypt is known for its exquisite beauty, elegant foam, elegant fabrics, absorbent look styling, but the name of Egypt for its natural beauty and beauty comes to mind in the first century CE. The secret of Qlu Peter’s beauty was the use of milk and honey, from which she took a bath.
Both of these natural ingredients are known to make the skin soft and supple and attractive. Nowadays, Egyptian women use a teaspoon of almond powder in two teaspoons of milk to make their skin attractive to their face, leaving the skin elastic, soft, and refreshed.
The secret of the beauty of Indian women
Indian women also prefer centuries-old manuscripts to create beauty in their beauty.
Ayurvedic, which is an ancient medical system, offers various types of oils such as Sunday rose, aroma, etc. to maintain its natural beauty. Besides, the salsa’s face pack is widely used in India because of its amazing properties. ۔ Indian women are famous for their long hair, which women often use coconut oil to make beautiful. Coconut oil is semi-heated and massaged on the scalp of the head and then wash the hair the next morning. It not only enhances hair growth but also stops, dull and thin hair becomes stronger and thicker.

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