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Simple and useful homemade tips

  • Simple and useful homemade tips
  • Onion is fried if it is soaked in milk for a few minutes before frying the onion.
  • To remove the odor of the eggs coming from the cake, add a spoon of honey while frying the eggs. The egg will not smell in the cake.
  • When cooking the pots, add a few drops of lemon juice or a tablespoon of yogurt.
  • If the biscuit has to be aged for a long time, place it in a rubber tight envelope and place it in the refrigerator.
  • If a candle is lit and placed near the stove while cooking, the aroma of the food is limited to the kitchen.
  • If the salmon is thin, add a little bit of semolina to it. The salmon will be thicker and taste better.
  • To make the pecan aged, add a little saucepan to it while mixing the basin and keep the basin well for fifteen to twenty minutes. Keep the pecans on low heat and use a steel spoon.
  • If frying it, add a little rice flour or semolina to it while stirring the basin.
  • To remove the bitterness of spinach fenugreek and mustard greens, after washing, add a teaspoon of turmeric in it in a large pot and soak the spinach fenugreek or mustard in it.
  • If you have a knot in a gold chain of 10%, sprinkle some talcum powder on it. The knob will open easily.
  • If the ring is stuck in the aki finger, soak the thumb hand in cold water to remove it. Doing so will shrink the finger and remove the ring easily.
  • If your teeth become sore, eat almonds that will remove the tooth ache.
  • Solve the door gates’ window glasses and mirrored nail water on the glass and mix it on the glass then clean it with a clean and soft cloth. The glasses will shine.

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