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The gray retains the beauty of the face

The use of cucumber is useful for treating diarrhea as well as helping to relieve diarrhea. It helps in improving the aroma of the breath. Eliminates bacteria. Apply cucumber juice to the face for healing and refreshing. Take slices like soap and apply this juice to the entire face to protect the skin from dull or sun-drenched skin.

It will also reduce the natural tension in the skin, decrease the lines. The skin of the face may be removed and it is also a cause of freshness.
Khairaisi is a vegetable that has far more mineral ingredients than many other vegetables. According to the diet, it contains valuable vitamins and salts in the skin, so it should be used along with the peel.

A fresh cucumber can provide a lot of nutrients. Some people don’t like cucumber so remove a glass of cucumber juice from a cucumber juice to protect the gut and liver from heat.
A substantial amount of folic acid will also be available, along with steel, zinc, magnesium, vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6.
Make one glass of juice by adding half tomatoes, the other three carrots, oranges, seasonal juice and lemon juice in a cucumber juice. This may provide several vitamins.
Cucumber is a commonly available vegetable and is not expensive at all. It is one of the low-fat vegetables. Cinnamon and salad leaves are used to meet the important need for salads in the market. It allows to absorb excess grease if fed. Using it again and again increases the strength of the immune system against muscle, muscle and body strain.

High-fat diets and meat-eaters should be eaten in order to improve the digestive system. Sometimes using a balanced diet, such as taking antibiotics, is important.
If you have children or eat cucumber with a specialty at lunchtime to boost your immune system, the side effects of the drug can also be protected.

Exterior use of cucumber
Any cosmetics that are allergic to the skin. If white spots on the skin are starting to emerge and it is advisable to add calcium to the diet, apply cucumber juice on the skin and eat it well. Useful for face and body.
Beauticians treat eye circles on cucumber eyes.
Cucumber masks, massage creams and others are incorporated into the semantics.
It is always a vegetable if you have a banana in your home, you must grow some vegetables for daily use. These plants can also be grown in small cans and it is not necessary that you eat raw all the time. Cook the garlic ginger and yogurt in a lightly cooked curry paste with salt and pepper, sometimes bake in the oven.

If it does not cook much, its nutrition remains.
Cucumber slices shine through the shoes. A few drops of cucumber juice can be cleaned to clean the windows of homes, cleaning steel sinks and ceramic tiles.
Some people even use cucumber to light the bonnet of cars, and some add a little vinegar to the kitchen and bathroom floors to create a new solution that is one of the healthiest cleaning products.

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