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Try French Country Style Decoration

We are well acquainted with French fragrances and perfumes. French country style in home decoration and furniture making is not completely inconsistent with our culture, although historical references show that this trend was popular in France in 1750 and which along with other trends. Bilateral innovation was adopted and adopted in Pakistani households as it was in harmony with the natural environment and for a diminished impression.

Whitewood furniture
You may also be supportive of the idea that your dining table, chairs and other furniture are made of white remodeled white wood. The white element is also highlighted in the colors of the room. Houses and elite homes had similar colors and gave a very pleasant impression.

The concept of interior decoration with Rat Iron
Who says wrought iron can only be used to the extent of outdoor space (lawn or export s). You can also make lounge sofas in this material. Sofa seats with comfortable cushions. And look charming.
Blue and white propylene crockery
How attractive it would be to have this crock of blue and white propylene in a cabinet in your kitchen.
It is to be believed that in the Pakistani city of Multan, Koza Gracie also makes wonderful pottery. Normandy made this beautiful pottery in France. Today ceramics are made from pottery. Bowls, containers, and cups of tea are quite versatile.
Decorate your kitchen
This era is of smart technology and LED lights are applied to the roof by adopting a revolutionary style and darker cabinets are not made in French decoration.
The area of ​​the homes is getting shorter, so cabinets are made from milky colors like dim pink, blue, cream, khaki and white throughout, so the little kitchen looks nothing short of a royal box. is used.
French country bedroom style
Bedding mattresses and curtains and decorative wicker clothes are also quite comfortable but comfortable to look at.
The use of white sheets is more visible here. Dark shades are not used in this style. There are also rare patterns of soft wiggles and textiles. Some people do not like printed flower pattern patterns. Use bedsheets with the help of intricate embellishments. The tradition of making bedding or bedding on bedding sheets will also be seen in English and French country décor. The (luxury) concept is but equally charming, romantic and relaxing.

Entrance to the house
In France, people love the chandelier and pendulum clock. When you get this pendulum clock from the Antique Furniture Shop, it can be polished and made to look like a new one. You will be able to spend a pleasant evening with a happy feeling.

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