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  • Sarawat Yaqub Lahore
  • to preserve crushed spices ․․․․․․․ But how?
  • Thus, keeping a piece of hang in it to keep the spices in place for a longer period of time makes the spices work longer.
  • Make ordinary dishes non-stick ․․․․․․․ But how?
  • To make any ordinary dish non-stick, add a little salt to it and heat it for two minutes and stir the salt. The pot will become non-stick.
  • Is Coconut oil safe from clotting – But how?
  • Often, coconut oil freezes due to cold, which causes problems and is not immediately used. If eight to ten drops of castor oil is added to coconut oil, the oil will not freeze.
  • 4% yogurt in winter
  • When stirring the yogurt in hot milk, cut two numbers of green chilies in the middle and add it to the milk.
  • Wrap the milk vessel in warm cloth and keep it for six hours together, the yogurt will thicken and sweeten.
  • Note: Remove the green peppers before using the yogurt.
  • Flashing Jelly Digachi گر But how?
  • If the lids are hot or very dark then run the stove on high flame and put the affected dagchi on the stove for a few minutes, then let the dilution karma glaze.
  • Save raisins long؟ But how?
  • Cakes or pastries, which are made in the house, are added to the raisins and they are often sat down. So when the raisins are added to the cake, turn the gravy, almond pistachios etc. into a dry mix and put them in the cake mix. So the raisin will remain in its place and will not sit down.
  • Download tomato peel ․․․․․․․․ But how?
  • Place the tomatoes in the freezer for two hours, then remove it with fresh water as soon as you remove it, and with a smooth handle, the entire smoothie will come off and you will get a proven tomato.
  • Eliminate the smell of fish ․․․․․․․ But how?
  • Add the mustard oil and garlic to the fish pieces for an hour and it will be gone.
  • Avoid sticking rice to rice ․․․․․․․․ But how?
  • Before boiling the rice, add two or three small proved onions in the water and squeeze a little lemon juice in it. The rice will never stick to it and will always be separated and remove the onions, saving the bottom.
  • 10% cream thickening گر But how?
  • A teaspoon of simple gelatin molasses in each of the powdered cream while stirring to thicken the cream will help the cream to thicken.
  • Protect sugar from ants ․․․․․․․ But how?
  • If three to four cloves are added to the sugar container, the chew nut won’t come close to the sugar.
  • Use of yogurt ․․․․․․․․ But how?
  • If the yogurt is too rough, instead of discarding it, soak the silver jewelry in it and then dust after a while so the jewelry will shine.

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