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Very easy and useful homemade tips

Very easy and useful homemade tips
Amla has many benefits in terms of health. Tea can be made from Amla powder which contains a high amount of Vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances immunity and helps improve skin. Applying acid acts as a natural “sunblock” and creates a layer on the skin that also protects against UV rays.

To do this, take 20 to 30 minutes before leaving Amla.
National soil
Multani soil protects the skin from many types of defects, especially for those who have oily skin. Applying a spoonful of rosemary in the soil to the face cleanses the excess oil in the face. Adding crushed almonds and applying it under the eyes can solve the problem of “dark head closes”.

The sandalwood paste or oil form it has antibacterial properties. Applying it to the skin can heal the scar tissue, while it is also useful for those who have trouble getting more granules.
This ayurvedic blend of natural ingredients has been used to reduce facial hair, tint and remove wrinkles. If you have dry skin, applying acne in coconut milk will work as a natural moisturizer. Is.

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