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Why are women afraid?

Why are women afraid?

Fawzia Saeed
I have been asked this many times. Tell me you are a psychologist. Why are women timid? Is women’s development possible without protection? Women are generally deprived of basic health and education facilities. Training opportunities are also rare. The head of the society cannot openly participate in the summer. Such experiences are also deprived.
This reduction reduces it one step further from men.

In fact, the root cause of any fear of fear is related to her past. When the mother’s behavior is not the same in boy and girl, then the girl starts to become timid. When she is biologically more tolerant of male. If a woman can bear the burden of having a baby for nine months.
So she can do the rest of her difficult work.
Quaid-e-Azam said, “Women should take part in the development of the country alongside men”. But the tragedy is that women in our Islamic country are facing insecurity and double feeling. And this is increasing day by day. Outside of panic, piracy on the streets, women on buses and harassment in the workplace.

Cruelty – abusing women for revenge for family rivalry – for example, forcing, stockings on women today. Women are killed in honor of honor.
These variants of social violence put women and girls in panic at the level of society as a whole. They increase the sense of insecurity. Children and families often have men outside the city to study. Let them go easily.
While educated parents also do not allow the girl to move away from home easily. The government has done a lot to make women’s rights equitable and respectful. By changing the ordinance of the ordinance, the law was prevented from being used against women. Is.

For the first time on the Feminist Bill, women were given the opportunity to participate in domestic affairs by giving 33% provincial and national and 17% representation in the local body.
Ten percent of women’s quota has been set up in government institutions. Shelter homes and care centers for women have been opened in each district. The toughness program has been launched to economically protect rural women. Through this, women were given the opportunity to stand on their feet. But these actions also did not give women a society free from violence.

The main reason for this is that in the 21st century, Pakistan’s society is living in the eighteenth century. Going to Pakistan, the mindset, religious extremism, tribal rituals consider women a man’s property, not a man.
Unless this thinking changes, our society will not be ready to give women equal rights. Our religion not only teaches respect for women.
It does not discriminate between man and woman. No war or development is possible unless women are involved. In the 1973 Constitution, women and men have the right to equality. The law cannot be discriminatory. But it is usually seen. Religious extremist groups, feudal lords and tribes do not educate a woman by taking care of her health without sacrificing rituals, domestic violence, marriage with the Quran. , Winnie, Swara rituals, Vitta Stah weddings, flogging and honor killings.

That is why thousands of women were tortured in Pakistan in the first 3 months of this year. But alas our society does not consider it violence. Or our society is apathetic. Physical and mental pressure on women is coming to violence. Similarly, women lose out on economic prosperity and social development.
Sadly, in the manifesto or agenda of any political party in our country, nothing against this oppression.

Nor are these political representatives ready to take any meaningful steps other than exhibition visits, speeches, speeches, and promises. Neither party’s priorities include violence against women, their protection.
Quaid-e-Azam says, “Half the population is locked up in homes.”
Hadith is knowledge, even if you have to go to China, it is obligatory on every Muslim man and woman.
Today’s woman, army, police, engineering medical, airport, education department has made its importance everywhere. Why is she still timid?
The following are the reasons.

Men’s Behavior
The behavior of women in which mothers, grandmothers, grandmothers all train together in such a way that the boy can be found by making a lion and making the girl a goat.
Divorce is usually the right of a man to fear a woman.

Government indifference.
The behavior of law firms.
Bullying of women in the office environment.
The behavior of teachers in colleges and universities.
Gender Discrimination
Lack of free opinion.
Reduction in force decision.
As a psychologist, I can say that this fear can be alleviated but not eliminated, because the training you receive from your mother in early childhood is refreshing.

If the girl becomes young, the father becomes upset. She starts to be afraid. When the child is young, the parents do not flower. The fear inside the woman does not allow these things to end. But the fear does not go unnoticed. That is what scares her. It is only through this weakness that men benefit. This can be solved if the family does not have a difference in training from the beginning.

The wisdom of the government can play a better role in this. 50% of the population of Pakistan can be employed. If both of them are planned not only to the extent of writing but also to be practically legislated. But the tragedy is that even if the laws are enforced, energy is not implemented.
What Iqbal has said
Action creates life in paradise, hell too
This khaki is neither female nor female in its nature

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