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Women’s housekeeping principles eat shrimp and fish enthusiastically, but while cleaning them, I have fish in my hands that don’t go for hours.
Amana Majid – Hyderabad
Whenever you need to clean fish or shrimp and whisk any shrimp fish, then get lemon juice on your hands. Be sure that you do not have any cuts on your hands, such as on women’s hands in household chores. If there are mild cuts or scratches on the lemon juice, it will be very difficult if this is the case then instead of lemon juice, it would be better to wash the hands with soap and then get the toothpaste on the wet hands for a few minutes. After washing your hands with simple water and dry.

Whenever I cook rice they cook flowers and make large chunks in each other. I want to cook such rice that every piece of rice is separate. I am sure you will teach me an easy way.

Alia Mansoor – Sukkur
Rice is not just a recipe for cooking, there are several factors that cause the adhesive to stick. First, you have to make the right choice of rice. Old basmati rice is the top of it.

If you cook new rice, be careful in soaking them in advance, as the new rice is wiped out longer then it does not bloom when it is cooked, but they require special attention during cooking and the amount of water is also kept low. After drying the water on a low flame, let it sit for ten to twelve minutes on a slow cooker. Whenever rice is cooked, add water by hand, ie add small amounts to your style. A little water can be sprinkled.
That is, if more water is added then it is difficult to reduce it. But still, if the water is too high, lay two slices of bread on the rice surface or wrap the thin cap on paper first and then wrap the bread on it. Wrap the dry cloth or any clean cotton cloth and place the rice on the tail. The extra moisture will accumulate in the cloth and coarse paper, but caution is still considered a good strategy, so it is best to hold water in the rice by hand ۔
Also, if you add a few cloves to the rice water then the rice is fragrant and open baked, and adding one teaspoon of white vinegar to one kilogram of rice water will yield excellent results.
My eyebrows are naturally very light and I want to dilute them. Can you tell me away?
Mahesh Ahsan – Dadu
If your eyelids are mild, you may want to try to soak them in a small toothbrush separately before going to bed at night, just dipping a couple of Arnut oils or castor oil into it. Then wash your hands regularly in the morning.
Gradually, it will become infectious and if there is any kind of irritation or itching problem, then check with a reputable dermatologist or dermatologist and just follow their instructions.

Chana lentils are cooked in milk to make dishes but the lentils do not swell and milk starts to burn. Is there any solution to this problem?
Mary Farooq – Tandwallah
Yes No: The solution is to soak the lentils in water for at least six to eight hours. Replace the water twice in the middle so it is better to swallow the lentils and not milk. There can be no denying the fact that fresh buffalo milk, which is very important for this method, is quite thick, in which case one-fourth of the amount of milk will be reduced by one quarter. Add the quantity of water Well, it is a matter of boiling the gram pulses in water and after roasting, add the country powder or lost in it.

A few months ago, pistachio nuts were shipped, some of them were left out to be added to the halves, but now they are not damaged so quickly that they can be stored for a long time.
Sadra Rehman – Tandojam
There are times when fruits come out of the market and then worsen for a while.
Secondly, after removing the used pistachios, pick almonds and wipe them with no bad pomegranate, then wipe with a linen cloth so that the kidney balloon is no longer left in the airtight jar. Neatly cleaned fruits will be available for use.
Over the past year, my weight has started to increase rapidly but I did not realize the steps, but now I am feeling 30 years old before the situation gets worse.

Tamila Rizwan – Omar Kot
Even if you do not write down your height and weight, there are a few basic and essential principles to guide you and other women who focus on getting rid of the hassle of unnecessary increase in weight. First of all, our life demands attention. It also includes our eating habits.
Look at what your engagements were like a year ago, not because you are living an unhealthy lifestyle because of your current routine, and because of the amount of food used in the past. If there is no other cause, both causes are sufficient to cause unnecessary weight gain and can open the way for further illnesses.
Now for the second reason, we have to look here for some medical reasons in the past, during or after the malady of the child, childbirth or surgery etc. may be related to this kind of situation. Examine without any delay by an authorized physician and do not hesitate to provide any diagnosis and proper treatment, and we all need to be careful to avoid unstable lifestyles and abstinence.
Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle Limit the amount of food and remember that adherence to hygienic principles is a guarantee of health.
Some time ago there were too many rashes on my face treated them and now they are in a much better condition but since the treatment, my hair has gotten very bad it is not known whether the effect of these drugs or anything else please advise. ۔

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