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Your helper in the refrigerated kitchen

Your helper in the refrigerated kitchen The refrigerator has become an essential part of the kitchen and its role in the kitchen tasks cannot be ignored, so it is important to know the necessary care and methods of the refrigerator so that you can have it in the kitchen. The helper is always with you, the fridge should be checked frequently through a thermometer so that you can keep track of the refrigerator’s performance and the problems it generates if the refrigerator is not checked. Your refrigerator may also be closed and damaged or damaged by the wrong compressor. The reactor should not be more than fifty degrees and, when checking it, keep the refrigerator compressor at forty degrees to allow the thermometer to remain in the box for at least an hour in the refrigerator, so that you can keep the refrigerator in place. The necessary information can be obtained and the refrigerator can be properly maintained.

The ice cube tray in the refrigerator is usually frozen due to excess ice and is difficult to remove. To avoid this annoying problem, place the ice cube tray in the fridge where you place it, and waxy paper. Keep the ice tube tray on. Doing so will not keep the ice cube tray in the refrigerator. The inside of the fridge should not be washed with water, thus washing the rubber around it is damaged. This wet cloth should be wiped clean. The use of soap to wash indoors is harmful, causing odor in the refrigerator is better than That a medium teaspoon of honey in a pot of water is sufficient to wash it with boiling water (borax).

Do not freeze too much ice inside the refrigerator, as the refrigerator deteriorates quickly and allow the frozen ice to melt inside each month if the snow is too freezing, leaving the water at the bottom of the ice box before washing. Close the door The ice will melt in a few minutes, sprinkle a little salt in the ice box to remove the frozen dishes easily, then place the water casing on top of it so that the ice will be irritated and the mold will also come out easily. If the waxy nut is put under the freezing boxes or molds, the molds will not freeze in the freeze and so on. Nike will come out of the refrigerator to keep the glow of the refrigerator clean by mixing a few drops of ammonia in a little water, opening the refrigerator repeatedly and filling a lot of things will greatly affect the refrigerator’s performance. When the open meat comes in, wrap it again in a waxy envelope or paper and keep it in the refrigerator, so that the flesh and blood spots will not stick to the paper even if the meat remains in the refrigerator for several days, keeping the fish in the refrigerator in the shape of a fish. Take a sieve of water and fill it with enough water to let the fish sink in it, then keep the container in the refrigerator when it is frozen. If the fish will be removed when the rat falls, the first condition will be refreshing.

When you want to stay out of the house longer, keep the food in the refrigerator in different boxes according to their different chemical conditions and use plastic or wax envelopes for this purpose so that the stored food is melted. Do not be spoiled. The various pieces of chicken are intended to have as little space as possible, so they can be placed in an ice cube tray and later when the frozen chicken is pulled out despite strong packing in the form of different blocks. can go .
Place the patties in the refrigerator in such a way that they do not attach to each other and if they do not harden, remove them from the refrigerator, then wrap them in a paper and place them in the refrigerator again. To not keep the fruit in the refrigerator safe and cool, keep it in strong cellophane envelopes. Keep the acidic fruit separate as the acid dissolves the fruit from paper and spoil the aroma and taste of other fruits.

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